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Slaughter Ranch Museum

Take a step back in time as you visit the historic John Slaughter Ranch. Texas John Slaughter was one of the Southwest’s most beloved characters and most feared lawmen. And here, at his ranch, originally known as San Bernardino Ranch you can enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and atmosphere that has been left largely untouched since Texas John Slaughter’s time.

6153 Geronimo Trail Douglas, AZ

Phone: (520) 678-7596

Slaughter Ranch Museum

Art Car World

Here you will discover a museum dedicated entirely to the celebration and preservation of popular mobile art. Currently under construction, Art Car World features a permanent collection of 42 popular Art Cars with more on rotating exhibition.

401 E 9th ST, Douglas, AZ

Phone: (510)366-3713

Open by Appointment ONLY

Art Car World

The Art Gallery

The Douglas Art Gallery shall provide for its members and the people of the city of Douglas and vicinity an opportunity to see good paintings and works of art and to sponsor worthwhile shows, lectures and other programs, including classes, pertaining to the arts and shall encourage youthful interest in art.

625 E 10TH ST, Douglas, AZ

Phone: (520)364-6410

The Art Gallery

Church Square

Church Square is the only location in the world where four different churches are housed on the same block.

Saint Stephen Episcopal Church

749 11th St, Douglas, AZ

First Baptist Church

700 E 10th St, Douglas, AZ

Grace United Methodist Church

715 11th St, Douglas, AZ

First Presbyterian Church

1020 D Ave, Douglas, AZ

Church Square

Home Museum

The Douglas-Williams House includes a Military Exhibit in honor of Memorial Day, a display encompassing photos and artifacts ranging from the Revolutionary War through post 9/11 military encounters. Here you can take a journey into yesteryear with the Marty-Dess Camera Collection. Camera buffs and true photographers will delight in the variety and varied age of the cameras, and all of us will experience a vicarious leap backward in time.

1001 D Avenue Douglas, AZ

Phone: (520) 364-7370

Douglas-Williams Home Museum

The Grand Theater

The Grand Theatre was billed as the “finest theatre building between San Antonio and Los Angeles” when it opened January 25, 1919. The theater was used for vaudeville and road shows as well as films. In the 1920s the theater became the first in Arizona to show Mexican films.

1139 G Avenue, Douglas, AZ

The Grand Theater